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Winter Warmers in WA with Mushroom Coffee

The pincushion hakea and local wattles are blooming and it’s time to snuggle up inside by the fire with a cup of mushroom coffee, hot chocolate,  or a bowl of nourishing soup. Makuru/winter has arrived in Albany, Western Australia!

Pincushion Hakea

We have mushrooms popping up in our shop window display on York Street! We stock beautiful, high quality local mushroom powders and tinctures from Denmark (WA) company Touchwood Mushrooms. You can add these to your morning coffee, hot chocolate, rooibos, mocha or smoothies to support immune health, energy boost, focus and other long-term system support.

At The Health Nut, we try to stock as many local products as possible. Because why buy generic products from overseas companies, with dodgy production and labour practices, flown by plane for thousands of kilometers when you can choose good local honey, apple cider vinegar and mushroom powders from your local area? Buying local also keeps money circulating to stimulate your local economy. In these tough times, we need to support local business.

Forest window display with mushrooms at The Health Nut Albany
Upcycled mushroom window display at The Health Nut Albany
Fun guy in the window at The Health Nut Albany. He’s not for sale but how cute is he?

Mushroom Hot Drinks

If you haven’t tried mushroom coffee yet, start with half a teaspoon in your favourite hot drink. You can use the Touchwood Mushroom 6 Blend or choose your favourite fungi from chaga, lions mane, cordyceps, reishi, turkeytail, shiitake or maitake. Mushroom powders can also be added to smoothies, sprinkled over cereal or (my favourite) stirred into a butter/honey blend on toast. The taste of most of these mushroom varieties is quite mild but if you want to sweeten your drink, we have a great selection of local honeys from Denmark to Bremer Bay.

mushroom coffee
Mushroom coffee with organic cacao

For those who prefer a simple tincture, you can access all of these mushrooms as double strength tinctures instead. Take it straight or add to your drinks.

Touchwood Mushrooms contain only fruiting body of the mushrooms without mycelium or other cheap fillers. You can even give these mushroom powders to your dog!

Boost your immune system, keep warm and cosy this winter with medicinal mushrooms and hot drinks.

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