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foods for women

Foods for Women

So le’s dive into foods for women – as a woman (and men, I hope you enjoy this education too – because let’s face it, you may have wives or daughters and definitely mothers), how much do you know and understand about the phases of the menstrual cycle?

Our menstrual cycle is as much a part of ourselves as our digestion or our heart health. But how much time have you spent learning as much as you can about this incredible part of being a woman that gives us the power to grow a new live – the ultimate creative act?

How much do you dismiss this process in your body as ‘bleeding time’ and something to be tolerated? What I love about learning more and more about our cycle is that it is empowering to see menstruation as more than just bleeding and more as the rhythm and flow of who we are as a woman.

So today I want to start a series of posts that will share the most fabulous parts of what I have learned – both from the workshop I did with Stasha Warburton two weeks ago but also from my own research.

There are four phases to our cycle and I love the rhythm of this as well as the words used to describe them.

We have the Ovulatory Phase, the Luteal Phase, The Menstrual Phase and the Follicular Phase.

The Ovulatory phase is that part of our cycle where an egg is released from the ovaries. This we all know from high school health classes. This is also the phase when Oestrogen is continuing to rise and testosterone rises and then falls. This is our fertility window and only lasts for 3-6 days per month.

Imagine that – as women we are only actually fertile for between 3 and 6 times a month. And yet from a young age so many of us are on a contraceptive pill that mucks with our natural rhythms for the ENTIRE 28-31 days of the cycle.

The really interesting aspects of the ovulatory phase is that our faces become more symmetrical and we become more magnetic and attractive to others. There are evolutionary reasons for this. This is also the time when we have a surge of energy.

The Ovulatory Phase is also the time when our Verbal Skills peak.

So if you combine the fact that this phase of our cycle where we are both the most attractive and have the best verbal skills – it makes sense to use this time to speak to your boss about that pay rise (people want to give you things due to your magnetism during this phase), or have that difficult conversation with a loved one.

If you are in business this is a great time to present a pitch or idea to the board or go live on facebook, if you are an online entrepreneur, to sell that course or product or record that presentation.

The Ovulatory Phase is the best time of the cycle to do intense exercise – in fact it is probably the phase of your cycle when you go for that run or do that session at the gym and come away feeling super charged, like an elite athlete.

During this phase the body responds really well to foods such as amaranth, quinoa, brussel sprouts, asparagus, dandelion, tomato, apricot, raspberries, strawberries, red lentils and beef. And this is the time of our cycle to spice our food up.

Why these foods? The properties of these foods support the state of our hormones during the ovulatory phase.

I look forward to hearing what you think of this fascinating information. How much of this were you aware of? What is your favourite new piece of information?

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